Improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies

Where the Aid Goes

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Our purpose is to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by poverty or disaster. Currently, we are working in Puerto Rico, and the needs are fluid.

Water is by far the most important need, and we are providing water filtration to individual homes, communities, and businesses. The island has a population in excess of 3.8 million, many of whom are elderly and children; let us not forget that Puerto Ricans are US citizens. The lack of clean water affects the health of these groups of individuals more than a healthy adult. We will continue to distribute filtration as long as it is needed, and our funds allow.

Other areas of need are food. Although there is a system in place to provide ‘food stamps’, it has a processing time, and families need food immediately. There are also pockets of small pueblos completely cut off from stores, and to those, we bring supplies.

There are many awesome, hard working groups on the island, and we will partner with them, as well, to accomplish the improvement of the living conditions and mental wellness of the people of Puerto Rico.

What your donation buys

$25- Sawyer filter and an Mpowerd solar light

$50 – Family kit- includes a Sawyer filter, Mpowerd solar light, tarp, and food

$100- 6 Sawyer filters

$500- with 16 of these donations, we can have a reverse osmosis water filtration pump built and provide water for many towns!

$1000- generator for a nursing home, as well as Sawyer water filtration