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Lisa Wellander

Hi, I am Lisa Wellander.  I started Coqui Nation after personally witnessing the devastation of Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria. I joined a team of Search and rescue personnel already working on the island and witnessed the lack of basic necessities to survive. During that week long aid trip, I took note of the lack of water, power, safe roadways, roofs over your bed, access to cash (no power, no internet, no credit cards), and the huge struggle is was just to provide for the basic needs of yourself and family.

Puerto Rico is the birthplace of my Abuela (grandmother). Anyone who knows me knows that my Abuela holds my heart. She is no longer living on this earth, but I know she sees that I am doing my very best to help the island of Puerto Rico and its people. I work tirelessly to make my Abuela proud, and to lift up Puerto Rico to once again be an island of beauty in not only its terrain, but in the hearts and souls of its people. Se Levanta   Feel free to email me at




Sierra Lauck

Hi everyone, my name is Sierra Lauck. I am an environmental scientist in Tampa, Florida with a strong connection to the natural world. The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Maria on the landscape of Puerto Rico is more than anyone could have imagined and the impact this storm has had on the people is even more tragic.

Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of visiting. It is the home to the beautiful rainforests of El Yunque, the amazing underground river of the Camuy River Cave system, the mesmerizing beaches of the island of Vieques, and is the native home of the adorable Coqui frog. Puerto Rico is a truly stunning place that needs our help!

The effects of this storm and my love for this island motivates me to do everything that I can to help the people of Puerto Rico and this beautiful place that they are lucky enough to call their home. You can reach me at




Joe Caro

Hi, my name is Joe Caro. I have decided to join Coqui Nation as a response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria to the island of Puerto Rico.  In the aftermath of the hurricane making landfall September 20, 2017 the citizens of the island have been living in horrific conditions for the most part. Millions have been without dependable power and potable water to drink. I cannot imagine what it would be like to not be able to turn on the light and/or drink water at my home for a week much more for several months.

I have many family members including my 94 year old WWII veteran uncle whose lives have been forever changed. Beyond my immediate family and friends are countless other American citizens who are in great need of help. In my life when I have experienced great difficulties, my family, friends, and even strangers have shown me great kindness and generosity. This is my opportunity to do for others what has been done for me, as well as what is the right thing to do. Se Levanta Puerto Rico! My direct email is



The common coqui frog, or Eleutherodactylus coqui, is the unofficial, but culturally accepted, symbol of Puerto Rico. The frog’s common name comes from the loud “ko-kee” sound that the male makes at night. Because the distinctive nighttime sounds are heard throughout most of the evening in Puerto Rico, the frog has become representative of the island’s cultural heritage.

When identifying themselves as Puerto Rican, people often say “soy de aqui como el coqui.” Literally translated, that means “I am as Puerto Rican as a coqui.”