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Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid
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Humanitarian aid is not a one size fits all. When providing aid we must identify the primary need that needs to be met, that is not being met by others, or cannot fully be met by others. The needs of the people change, and so we must too, sometimes changing what we can do to help on a daily basis. We will always seek to meet these need in the best most expedient manner possible.

Puerto Rico’s needs have been very fluid. The first and second week involved assisting in search and rescue efforts, as the hurricane supplies that the people had dwindled, the need for clean water became apparent. Although bottled water was the first means provided, it became apparent that a long term method was needed. Bottled water was difficult to find, heavy to carry, and expensive following hurricane Maria. It was at this point that I made the trip to the island with Sawyer filters, although not nearly enough to even make a dent. Water filtration is still a necessity for many people in outlying areas, or areas cut off from stores by the destruction of roadways.

We also join efforts with other humanitarian groups in providing water, food, medical assistance, animal welfare, and rebuilding/cleanup. Aid will be a necessity for Puerto Rico for many years, we will strive to assist however we can.

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